Meet Our Owner

My name is Antwanette Smith and I am the CEO and Creative Designer for Creative Waist Collection. In 2020 on a quest to find waist beads that were beautiful yet affordable, I was unable to find the solution in the marketplace. This gave me the idea to create my own where I could use my creativity to make what I envisioned. Through trial and error, the waist beads I desired were produced from my own hands. When friends and family saw the creations, they wanted some of their own. Through this, I became more confident in the quality of my work and saw the confidence, joy, self-love and empowerment the strands brought to many. On April 8, 2022 I decided to share this gift and Creative Waist Collections was birthed. 

Learning to celebrate yourself on every level is what we are about. You may be unhappy with your current state, but I challenge you to look within for the love you want to receive.